From the recording Holiday Lockdown

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Written during Quarantine.

2021 Music Video Awards:
• Indie Short Fest:
Best Original Song + Best Music Video + Best Production Design
•Independent Shorts Awards:
Best Music Video + Best First Time Male Director + Best Editing
+ Best Production Design
•Munich Music Awards: Finalist
•Rome Music Video Awards: Finalist
•International Music Video Awards: Semi-Finalist
releases November 1, 2021
Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist: Stephen El Rey
Piano / Violin: Clinton Ross Davis
Drums: Ron Bocian
Trumpet : Leilainia Marcus
Trumpet: Jordan Adams
Trombone: Rebecca Mckinley
Susaphone: Aaron Gragg
Engineered and Mixed by : Roy Silverstein at Rarefied Recording
Mastering: John Moulliet at Granite Hill Productions
©all rights reserved